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It Tastes Better Together

BRIEF: Despite being the pioneer in the food delivery service, Seamless was outgrown by niche competitors. Make Seamless the number one delivery service again.


INSIGHT : Sharing meal time with others is good for your psychological, social and physical health.


IDEA: Adding a social feature and purpose to the Seamless Experience.












                Digital + Print



BRIEF: Every beauty campaign looks the same, even when being "outlandish". Truly disrupt the industry.


INSIGHT: Nature is beauty in its rawest form and its multitude of arrangements influences every form of artistic expression.


IDEA: Creating an entire makeup campaign that doesn't feature makeup. Making a poetic homage to the colors, textures, and contrasts that influence makeup as a form of art.












Hey, America 

Why Aren't We a Thing?


BRIEF: Make more Americans ride a Vespa.


INSIGHT: Americans buy vehicles based on potency, speed and practicality - not style.


IDEA:  Making Vespa a viable vehicle by highlighting the objective qualities of

the product and demystifying prejudices, addressing directly the lack of involvement of the American audience with Vespa










Diwali at Times Square 2017

                Digital + Print Promotion + Visual Identity